Release Train Engineer for eID Solutions

Well-known IT company

If you want to know more about the job
you can contact:

Lasse Witte Kamstrup
+45 6165 9987

Release Train Engineer for one of Denmarks largest IT-companies

Across 5-6 developers, the ideal candidate should be able to secure that all the team members work according to the same priorities, that dependencies between teams are known and addressed. Furthermore:

Optimize the flow of work through the agile release train
Capture program flow metrics, and other useful metrics, to support relentless improvement
Help the product manager prepare for PI Planning and ensure the vision, roadmap, and program backlogs are ready
Help teams with feature estimation and the aggregation of estimates for larger pieces of work such as capabilities and epics
Help manage risks, dependencies and resolve impediments

It is much appreciated if the candidate has project management experience, experience with the business part of the software business, and experience working with the governmental sector and financial institutions as clients.

You will be working at Nets' main office in Ballerup. The employment will last 3 months to start with but can easily be a year or more.