The CMO perspective on the gig-economy - Zvi Goldstein, Interflora Danmark A/S

Whether you’re a small business looking to supplement a small workforce, a start-up aspiring to grow into a scale-up, a consultancy or a multi-national organization, using freelancers is a great way to grow a business.

Luckily, rather than shackling themselves to a regular nine-to-five job, many talented candidates are now choosing to work freelance. That shift has been felt by businesses of all kinds, but how do different organizations use and implement freelancers?

To answer that question, we recently interviewed executives from very different companies in order to assess how they use freelancers regardless of the kind of company, industry, size and reasoning.


The CMO perspective

This time, we sat down with Zvi Goldstein, CMO of Interflora Danmark. He dives into the many reasons why a large international organization like Interflora is using freelancers, when a freelancer is the right person for a given assignment and how freelancers provide both flexibility and optimized work processes for Interflora. 

For example, he explains how it's important for Interflora to be able to work on many different projects simultaneously. Complementing the core-teams with freelancers provides enormous freedom for employees as they know they will be able to always deliver on time without working 12-13 hours a day. You can hear more about that and much more in the video above.


Part our new e-book ‘how to make freelancers a competitive advantage’

The CMO perspective is part of our new e-book which you can download below.

In it, we'll also show you the view on the gig-economy from the point of view of a high-profile agency CEO and a Co-founder of a large scale-up success.

  • Mikael Jørgensen, CEO of &Co and Partner of The North Alliance
  • Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjorth, Co-founder of Goodiebox

They give their opinion on why every organization should make use of freelancers, how they work on implementing them in the every-day work and how to make freelancers a competitive advantage.

The e-book ‘how to make freelancers a competitive advantage’ will provide you with the latest insights about the gig-economy and provide you with tips and tricks on how to make freelancers a competitive advantage.

  • The 5 biggest advantages of hiring freelancers
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We hope it will enlighten your perspective.

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